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Under the mountains are silver and gold,
But under the sky - hunger and cold.

                                                     (Indian Proverb)

Tkibuli Coal Mine

Tkibuli Master Plan

Sakdrisi Copper-Gold Deposit.

Sakdrisi5 Deposit

Global Gold Corporation, Behre Dolbear

Who fabricated a geological model of Tukhmanuk Copper/Gold Deposit?

Armanis Gold-Polymetallic

Armanis Gold-Polymetallic Mine, Global Metals (ARM) Limited, Sagamar CJSC, Rich Metals Group

На фото внизу - в переднем круге слева направо туземцы из Rich Metаls Group RMG Gold RMG Copper:

  • я-ж-геолог-в-конце-концов! Геннадий Квелашвили,
  • штукатур ООО Кварцит Малxаз Нацвлишвили,
  • приxвостень Wardell Armstrong International приглашённый шарлатан Артём Жучков,
  • xитрожოпый проектант Мамука Дашниани

в порыве изумления после того, как им впервые показали проект арманисского золото-полиметаллического месторождения.

Armanis Gold-Polymetallic

Armanis Gold-Polymetallic Mine, Lori, Armenia.

Armanis Gold-Polymetallic

What is rotated model? Admonition written to educate so called geologists and so called mining engineers, as well as various spеcies of consulting and leading plankton of RMG Gold & RMG Copper

Rotated Model

Datamine Calendar 2008

Datamine Calendar 2008

Zopkhito Antimony & Gold Deposit

Zopkhito Antimony

Kvemo Bolnisi East Copper and Gold Mine

Kvemo Bolnisi

Balichi Mining Ltd


Madneuli Open-Pit Resource Estimation and Reserves Calculation, 2016


Had I listened to geologists, I would have hardly had a half of the fortune I have now.

                                                     (BLOOD & OIL)

GBGD FRAUD: Chairman of Armenian Association of America (AAA) broadcasts: Science to refute OURmenia, Mar. 5, 2018


If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Tukhmanuk Gold Deposit, Specter Report.


Tukhmanuk Gold Deposit, Armenia: What is wrong with «RESMODEL» approved block model.


Tukhmanuk Deposit, Armenia. Two Data Sets - - Influence on Potential Reserves


Madneuli JSC, Open-Pit, Ore reserves calculation and optimization using “NPV Scheduler”, 2009


ООО Маднеули. Подсчёт запасов месторождения с использованием NPV Scheduler

ООО Маднеули Подсчёт запасов

ООО Маднеули. Золотосодержащие кварциты

ООО Маднеули Подсчёт запасов, кварцит

Курс лекций по геологическому моделированию в САПР Datamine Studio 3

Datamine Studio 3

Geological modeling in DATAMINE Studio

Datamine Georgia

3D Wireframing of Techtonic Faults


ODBC Database Creation in MS Excel for Datamine Studio. Instruction Manual (EN)


OODBC Database Creation in MS Excel for Datamine Studio. Instruction Manual (RU).


ODBC Database Template File in MS Excel

ODBC Database Template File in MS Excel


Bingham Slide


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