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How the Geologist-Turned Clay Kickers from Rich Metals Group (RMG / არემჯი) on Having Nothing Else to Do, at First Arrogated to Themselves, then Having no Idea What to Do with it as in I.A. Krylov’s Fable "Monkey and Glasses", and after Having Utterly Exhausted from Nowhere to Escape, like Disorganized Tourists, Spoiled My Finished Project of Armanis Gold-Polymetallic Deposit.


Malkhaz Natsvlishvili, an ex Quartzite Ltd wall painter and plasterer, who in 2007 and 2013 wrote letters to Datamine International UK about his learning disability to cope with Datamine Studio 3 software and hoped to return the money for 3 previously purchased licences back, nevertheless in 2020 was apponted by а certain Troitsky, a Russian oligarch, Rich Metals Group  (RMG Gold) shareholder, to check my Armanis resource model, reserves calculation and mine planning project I've made using Datamine Studio and NPV Scheduler software.


Clay kicker geologists of RMG / არემჯი wrote a letter to Datamine International UK. Click on the picture to get PDF version.

Malkaz Natsvlishvili's cumulo limbus to Datamine International where he cupcakes reasons why he is not able to learn Datamine Studio 3.



To be continued

Tornike Lipartia: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toilet pan (то бишь слит в унитаз)

Gennady Kvelashvili

Malkhaz Natsvlishvili

Shota Tagviashvili

Artem Zhuchkov

Mamuka Dashniani

Simon Cleghorn: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toilet pan

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toiled pan

Artem Zhuchkov

Bauyrzhan Kozhaev: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toiled pan

Alexander Tsaplin: aka Alexander Makona

Alexander Makona: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toiled pan, shagged in Congolese bush

Alexandr Teleshev: dumped down the RMG / არემჯი toiled pan, eating hairy pie

Giga Ugrekhelidze

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